Sample Prenatal Yoga Sequence

Be sure to check in with your provider before starting any new physical activity

I've created a prenatal sequence freebee with super-cool illustrations for those who are interested:

1) Beginning Meditation: Take a comfortable seat using any props you like (chair, pillow, blanket). Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Keep a slow, steady breath in and out through the nose. Focus on the physical sensation of your heart beating beneath your hand and the rhythm of the belly (and maybe baby, too!) moving with the breath. As thoughts or sensations of the body come to your attention, acknowledge them, then let them go, returning awareness to your hands and breath. Consider choosing a statement of focus (I am exactly what my baby needs, I am at peace, I am loved, etc).

2) Warm-up Postures: Seated neck/shoulder rolls Seated side bends Seated front body stretch Cat and cow stretches Bird dog pose Puppy pose Child’s pose

3) Active/Strengthening Postures: Low-lunge flow and hold Supported forward fold (blocks or hands to thighs) Mountain (standing) pose Chair pose (wide stance) Warrior 2 Side angle pose Triangle pose

Goddess pose

Warrior 3 pose with chair Downward-facing dog with chair

4) Lengthening/Cool-Down Poses

Cat and cow pose with chair Pigeon pose with chair Wide V sit forward fold 1-leg forward fold Butterfly pose Legs up the wall

5) Closing Meditation: Enter a supported savasana pose by lying on the side with support under head, belly, and/or between legs as preferred. You should feel comfortable and stable. Close your eyes and return to your slow steady breath in and out through the nose. Return to your intention, connect with baby, or simply take a well-deserved rest!

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