Picture Guide: Modifying for Pregnancy During Yoga at Home

There are many online options for yoga during quarantine, but not all are prenatal-friendly. Unless you are very comfortable self-modifying, I would highly recommend finding a prenatal or prenatal-friendly class. However, if that isn't possible and you feel safe doing so, here are so go-to swaps for typical postures that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Scenario: Class starts or ends on the back.

Why avoid? The weight of placenta and baby can compress the vena cava and hinder blood flow.

Option 1: Create a ramp using blankets, pillows, blocks, etc. Option 2: Lay on the side. Option to use a blanket under head or between legs (knees to ankles) to support hips

Scenario: Supine twist Why avoid? Compression to belly

Option 1: Skip altogether. Stay on side or rest in supported supine butterfly

Option 2: Walk feet as wide as the mat, then a step forward. Keep feet wide and gentle windshield wiper side to side, twisting from hip area vs across abdomen.