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During pregnancy and postpartum life, the number of resources available can be daunting. After speaking with women during and after prenatal yoga classes, here are some favorites, including the ones on my bookshelf. :) What is/was your favorite resource?? Comment below!

-----General Pre/Postnatal---- Expecting Better by Emily Oster (pregnancy) Cribsheet: A Data-Drive Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, from Birth to Preschool by Emily Oster (parenting) These were the most recommended overall. Why?: Data and research behind different pregnancy and parenting methods. This is done without the author's opinion; the goal is to inform, not judge or sway.

Pregnancy Day By Day: An Illustrated Countdown by DK Publishing This is a large, hard-cover book with illustrations, facts, suggestions all about baby's development, pregnancy symptoms, partner notes, etc. It's pretty inclusive for both in and out of hospital birth plans and also includes info for twins. I'd save it up and look over a week or two at a time with my husband.

Expecting and Empowered: Online PDF guides for pregnancy and postpartum workouts I have heard many women suggest this now, both in downloaded the guides (they all say the price is worth it) and in following this group on Instagram. Also, the women from this program are from Wisconsin!

Dr. Sears Library I love Dr. Sears and family and own several of their books. I regularly reference The Baby Book, The Baby Sleep Book, and The Vaccine Book. They are very attachment-parenting based but offer suggestions that fit most parenting styles. (also a blog and podcast)

----Mindfulness in Pregnancy and Relationships----

Nurture by Erica Cohen This book targets the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy and birth, including mindful strategies, journaling exercises, movement, and nutrition. Women found it grounding and empowering.

The Mindful Mom-To-Be by Lori Bregman This sounds similar to Nurture in that it is written by a doula and includes emotional and spiritual advice in addition to pregnancy milestones, remedies, and nutrition.

Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5 Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms by Shonda Moralis I have 5 minutes! This is great for a quick pick up du

ring pregnancy and postpartum. Written by a psychotherapist, there are short exercises you can incorporate into daily life, alone or with kids/partner.

And Baby Makes Three by John and Julie Gottman (book from Bringing Baby Home program) This book focuses on working on marriages after baby, which is often something that gets set on the back burner during postpartum life.

-----Natural Parenting and Nursing----

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth by Genevieve Howland The advice is practical, researched, and humorous from the most-watched YouTube channel on natural parenting. I've also heard great things about the online birthing course.

The Kind Mama by Alicia Silverstone Yes, it's the Alicia from Clueless. I loved this book because it provided information from anecdotal, midwifery, and medical doctor perspectives. As someone who ate primarily vegan during pregnancy, this provided data to back up my choices. There is great info on pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, newborn life, baby supplies, introducing solids, toys, vegan recipes etc.

Ina May Gaskin Guide to Childbirth, Guide to Breastfeeding and "Birth Story" (movie) Ina May is the "nation's leading midwife" with over 30+ years of experience. There are lots of birth story examples. If you're a 'crunchy mama,' this may be for you!

Boobin' All Day, Boobin' All Night: A Gentle Approach to Sleep for Breastfeeding by Meg Nagle Is anyone else out there co-sleeping with their nursing kiddo who never sleeps?? This offers a kind and humorous perspective that was much appreciated.

----Podcasts, Apps, Sites, and Instagram Accounts----

Evidenced-Based Birth (also podcast and book, Babies are Not Pizzas)

I read many articles on here and loved its non-biased approach. It's empowering instead of scary. Authentic Birth Center has had a book club with the author and people loved it!

40 Weeks Podcast A great week-by-week guide that's informative. One mom who suggested it listens with her husband each week.

Baby Center (app and website) This was my favorite app during pregnancy. Once I 'outgrew' the app, I still got regular emails about my baby and toddler's development.

Scary Mommy From pregnancy, kids, parenting, lifestyle, to relationships, there are tons of articles that are quick and fun to read.

The Birth Hour (also a podcast)

Birth stories of all backgrounds, resources for birth options, and blog articles on many perinatal topics.

Birth Without Fear Instagram account Described as beautiful but if you aren't into pictures of babies exiting vaginas, it might not be for you!

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