Baby and Mama Registry Ideas

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Here are the things that I put on our baby registry with notes. Use and share as you wish :)

BATH Baby bathtub --Unnecessary if you just sit in the bathtub with your kiddo, which is what I do (and it’s super sweet, I suggest trying it) Hooded towels and washcloths --We own three of each but use just one

Honest Shampoo/Wash (tear-free, hypoallergenic, unscented)

A few bath toys (something fully-sealed is nice so water doesn’t get trapped)

BOTTLES ComoTomo (Supposed to feel like a boob, wide opening = easier cleaning) Dr Brown’s (Popular and worked fine but we preferred the ComoTomo) **Don’t buy more than 1-2 of any brand ahead of time because some babies are picky!

BOUNCER SEAT Babybjorn Bouncer Balance (motor free, moves from baby’s movements, newborn through age 2, washable cover)

--We used this all the time from about 2 months-9 months

CARRIERS Organic Baby K’tan wrap (already comes wrapped, 8-35 lbs, sized to wearer) --I used this from week 1 until my daughter got heavier, but my husband didn’t find it comfortable.

LilleBaby Soft Structured Carrier (newborn-45 lbs, no additional inserts needed)

--LilleBaby is AMAZING, truly a game-changer


Britax infant-toddler seat (easiest to install with just seatbelt, no base needed)

--We switched to this model around 9 months and used a friend’s infant seat

Baby Jogger City Select or Uppa Baby Stroller (infant seat snap in, adjustable up to 3 kids, compact fold, multiple seat facing options)

Consider getting some kind of cheaper, easy to fold stroller to keep in the car

CLOTH DIAPERS BestBum covers and inserts


*Even if you don’t register for clothes, people will just buy them for you because they think they’re cute. Same with blankets. **Note that not all brands fit the same! Our chunky monkey was too round for some brands. Something to keep in mind before stocking up. Footed PJs (zippers are easier than snaps) (4)

Sleep gowns (3) Bodysuits + pants/leggings (3-5)

Socks (3-5 pairs)

Hats (3-5)

Velcro swaddle blankets 2 (swaddle me organic) --My kid hated these, but many love them

Aden and Anais dream blanket (or silky soft version, bamboo) --Overpriced but my favorite blanket!

DIAPER BAG (get a backpack style!)

Skip Hop Forma Pack and Go Dyper brand backpack --Free with new orders and amazing. I used it as a work bag for a while!


Ubbi stainless steel diaper bin (lots of people like this model)

Bubbala stainless steel trashcan ---This was worth the extra money! You don’t need to open the full container to put a diaper in = less stink!

DIAPER CREAM: Coconut Oil --We get organic Trader Joe’s brand and keep it in two little tupperware containers, one upstairs, one downstairs. Also great for moisturizer and nipple balm!

Honest All Purpose balm --Nice but not super necessary

DISPOSIBLE DIAPERS Bamboo Nature Honest Diapers Dyper ( online subscription --Of all that we tried, Dyper are HANDS DOWN the best. Better than commercial overnight diapers.

FEEDING The Nesting Pillow (organic, bean bag like, I like better than Boppy)

Eco Nursing Pads or reusable bamboo ones (Bamboobies brand are nice)

Milk Saver drip catcher

Hand pump (Madela brand kit w bottles; I used this MORE than my electric)

Electric pump (ins pays! I use Spectra S1 and love it, same as S2 but has recharge battery)

Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack (16 bottles and nipple holder)

4-8 oz mason jars or milk storage bags

Burp rags or prefold cloth diapers work (we used soooooo many of these) Joovy Nook Highchair (this is nice, the tray opens out) Guzzie and Gus Perch Highchair (for restaurants and travel!!) Nursing cover (they make all kinds of fancy ones but a muslin blanket works, too)

OTHER CARE Nose Frida and/or bulb syringe (get one with a base than can open) Wellements Organic Gripe Water or Chamomile tea for GI issues

Humidifier (Crane Ultrasonic)


Baby thermometer (ear one or temple one is nice) Hyland teething tablets Infant Tylenol

Amber teething necklace


Joovy Room

Guava Lotus travel crib (can buy bassinet conversion if you want) --We were gifted one one but never use it


Go to Wayfair for convertible cribs, DaVinci brand is good

2-3 Waterproof mattress pads 2-3 Sheets --All of this ended up being a waste of money because we bedshare!

Snuggle Me Organic co-sleeper

--We used this in our bed while our daughter was super little.

Halo Bedside Bassinet (older non swivel version online is cheaper) or Within Arms Reach

--We used this briefly before bedsharing

SOUND MACHINE Baby Shusher (easily transportable, volume control, time settings) --We got this but don’t really use it. We keep an air purifier in our room which works well!

STUFF FOR MAMAS (arguably more important that the baby stuff at first!!): Frida Mom washer peri bottle ---they make a full kit of postnatal stuff now, that would be worth it! Nipple ointment (an RX for APNO Cream from your provider is like magic)

Something for pain relief (Aleve, Tylenol) ←--THESE nursing tanks! I own so many. It’s all I wear 14 months later. No need for nursing bras if you get padded tanks! Reuseable vagina ice pack (yup, it’s real and worth it if you deliver vaginally. I got mine on Amazon) Lots of organic period pads (you will bleed for weeks even if you get a C-section, getting a range of thicknesses is a good idea) Juice boxes (great postpartum when you’re blood sugar is low) Easy snacks (I lived on smoothies, oatmeal, snack bars, etc)

TOYS, BOOKS Mobiles were totally worth it

Infant play mat

ALL THE BOOKS. You can’t have too many, it’s all my baby asks to do!

Stackable cups A few stuffed animals


Honest Wipes (best texture)

Water wipes (super gentle) Dyper brand wipes (best value overall)

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