Stephanie Krellwitz
Painter and Muralist


Stephanie worked as a teacher in schools in the areas of deaf education, special education, and art education for nearly ten years. In 2020, she decided to make the leap into self-employment as an artist. It is the happiest decision she ever made. Stephanie is so grateful for the new peace she has found.

Art has always been Stephanie's first love. She paints nearly every day with work ranging from miniatures to murals. She loves to use vibrant colors and light and hopes her work can offer the viewer little worlds that provide a sense of joy and a moment to pause. Stephanie is happy to collaborate and/or take custom orders. She holds a lifetime art education license (K-12) in the state of WI earned through Concordia University's graduate teacher certification program (2018) and a minor in visual fine art from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011).

CV/resume are available upon request


Janesville Mural Installation
CBS Dane County September 2020