I use artmaking as a way to be present and pay attention; whether my pieces are created quickly or over longer periods of time, the act is like a meditation for me. I like to use vibrant colors and use of light to create pieces that are playful and visually inviting, then incorporate smaller detail so the viewer has to slow down to notice, even if just for a brief period. In doing so, I hope to pass along an opportunity for others to experience a piece of mindfulness and joy in our busy world. I work in a variety of 2D mediums to create work that ranges from miniatures to murals.

I'd love to collaborate or create a custom piece for you or your business!


Contact me:
(262) 470-4895 (call/text)

DM @novazenmke

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Janesville Mural Detail
Lift Up the Sun
5x7in watercolor portrait
18x24in watercolor and ink
4x6in watercolor portrait
3x4in watercolor scene
Home portrait detail
Messier Hubble mini series
Oil on panel with digital overlay